About the event
Velo Alanya Mountain Bike Cup is a sport organization that targets the natural and cultural promotion of the province of Antalya, Alanya district, with the participation of domestic and foreign professional riders.
The race Velo Alanya Mountainbike Cup Race XCO C1 is organized under the rules of the UCI, and the specific rules are mentioned in this guide.
The result of race will be published on the web site as soon as possible after the confirmation of PCP.

UCI Velo Alanya Mountainbike Cup Race Class 1 (XCO) 13 March 2022

Title and Race Office
Justiniano Deluxe Resort Hotel / Okurcalar Town, 07415 Alanya / Antalya
Alara Tourism Center, Okurcalar, Alanya - Turkey

Mustafa Kemal Canfedai           +90 532 336 56 46  

Burcu Atlas                                       +90 542 745 80 41   

Official Supplier;
Turkish Cycling Federation
Address: Nergis Sokak No:7 Kat:8 Daire:15 Söğütözü/Ankara (Vıa Tower İş Merkezi)
Phone : +90 312 310 96 13
Faks : +90 312 312 12 75

Organization About;
The Tashra Tourism Association welcomes you to the “Velo Alanya Mtb Cup Class 1" that are held in the village of Alanya and constitute the top Sports Events of Mountain Biking in the Region of the Mediterranean.
Our goal is to promote the cultural and environmental beauties of Alanya, as well as to highlight the unique Olympic Mountain Bike Sport.